Community of Hope

In the summer of 1996 at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in the Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas, staff from Pastoral Care, Corporate Communications, and COHIAdministration worked together to create the Community of Hope logo in order to publish the first brochure about the lay chaplain training program.

The COH training awakens trainees to God’s call on each of our lives by helping individuals discover and better understand their own spiritual gifts for ministry. Each participant is encouraged to make this experience a journey into wholeness, to use this opportunity to explore a “Rule of Life,” practice sacred silence, Christian meditation, compassionate listening, pastoral identity and lectio divina, all within the context of Benedictine Spirituality. This experience builds the Community and develops spiritually centered pastoral caregivers.

The 14 week, 42 hour Curriculum includes: Benedictine Spirituality, Theology of Pastoral Care, Pastoral Identity, Listening Skills, Prayer, Christian Meditation, and Silence, Motivational Spiritual Gifts, The Pastoral Visit, Boundaries, and Pastoral Identity, Confidentiality, Debriefing and First Pastoral Visit, Family Systems, Grief: Coping with Loss, Pastoral Care for Seniors, Care for the Caregiver and Second Pastoral Visit, Commitment to Ministry, and a Retreat.


St. Aidan’s Community of Hope, August 10, 2014: Front Row: Pam Blaesing, Harmony Kiser, Judie Borden Second Row: Becky Sullivan, Ann McManes, Deb Stecher, Wade Hembree, Joe Rich, Kathy Bump, Carol Keith, Eileen Steffens Back Row: Kathleen Nixon Lancelot, Bill Williams, Betty Hood, John Ray Not Shown: Sarah Sambol

St. Aidan’s became the first COHI Center in Georgia in May 2011 and has trained and commissioned three groups. We believe that COHI is so much more than a Pastoral Care Ministry, but it is about our own Spiritual Formation as well as Outreach.

This training is not limited exclusively to Episcopalians, but is open to and enriched by the representation of many denominations.

For information contact, please contact Harmony Kiser, Regional Representative for GA Region, at (770) 205-7899 or

Another interesting resource for COHI may be found on the Diocese of Virginia’s blog.