Spiritual Ministries

The Daughters of the King is a spiritual sisterhood of women dedicated to a life of Prayer, Service and Evangelism. The Lady of Walsingham Chapter at St. Aidan’s was founded in 1999 and is a strong and active chapter with over 40 members. The DOK are ordinary women who are dedicated to the spread of Christ’s kingdom and supporting each other in our spiritual walk.

The DOK meets at 10:00am on the second Saturday of each month in the Library in Burtenshaw Hall.  Meetings are open and visitors are welcome to attend. The Chapter

upholds the commitment to Prayer, Service and Evangelism through various ministries, service projects and events.  The DOK also maintains a confidential prayer list; supports the clergy and DoK Sisters and their families and friends, through this list.

The DOK serves St. Aidan’s and and community through:

An annual quiet morning in January. Each woman brings favorite prayers or Bible verses for a wonderful morning of fellowship sharing prayers..

Spring Eucharist – The Spring Eucharist, renewal of vows, and Brunch, open to all the women of St. Aidan’. This is a special event for Sisters of DoK as well as women who want to learn more about us and consider membership in the Order.

Advent Soup Supper – Each December, DoK extends an invitation to all women of St. Aidan’s to attend a joyous evening of feasting, fellowship and sacred time for preparing our hearts to welcome the Christ child. An evening of fellowship, with friends new and old, makes our evening together holy and fun. All women are invited.

The DOK is active in many areas of St. Aidan’s, and welcomes all women of the church to its chapter.

For more information or to become involved in the Daughters of the King please contact Sally Dodds via the church office at [email protected] or 770-521-0207

The Retired Men’s Covenant Group meets every Thursday morning from 9:00-11:30am in the cottage for fellowship and conversation. New members are welcome!  Join any Thursday if you want (dare!) to know more.

For more information or to become involved in the Retired Men’s Covenant Group please contact Bud Alexander via the church office at [email protected] or 770-521-0207.

St Aidan’s library is a small collection of a wide variety of books with a spiritual theme. There are books for all ages covering both scriptural and lay themes. Books may be signed out at any time for any period – it is an informal system whereby the borrower simply signs a list with the book title, name of the borrower and date. The library is currently a work-in-progress awaiting direction from our new Rector.

For more information or to become involved in the library please contact Linda Weeks via the church office at [email protected] or 770-521-0207.