Sunday Server Schedules

Please call (770-521-0207) or email ([email protected]) for information about service opportunities.

Altar Guild (Becky Fricton)

If you would like to serve St. Aidan’s by joining the Altar Guild we would welcome you. You could serve on a team one Sunday a month, either service, for set up or clean up. Please contact Becky Fricton, 770-442-0318, [email protected] to join or for more information.


Team Early Service Late Service
1st Sunday 1 Camille Johnson
Andrea Manos
Eva Sansom
Judie Borden
Paige Meisinger
Cynthia Meisinger
2nd Sunday 2 Becky Fricton
Hazel Gerber
Nona Shawhan
Linda Bowman
Anne McManes
Joanne Sanderson
3rd Sunday 3 Becky Sullivan
Patrice Skinner
Corrine Hofstetter
Deb Stecher
Harmony Kiser
4th Sunday 4 Rita Munoz
Dorothy Uidel
Dianne Rogers
Abi Omotoso
Polly Linthicum
Melanie Hembree
5th Sunday Rotate   

Breakfast Teams (Don McPherson)

New members are always welcome and needed.

Team Captains
Team 1 – Tim Daniels 
Team 2 – Jim Frederickson 
Team 3 – Bob French 
Team 4 – Don McPherson 
Team 5 – Barry Mansell 
Team 6 – Jim Skinner 
Team 7 – Brian Nicholson