Vestry Minutes

St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church

Vestry Meeting, Monday, February 20th, 2017, 7:00pm

Members in attendance: Susan Reilly, Sarah Sambol, Beth Burns, Melanie Ellis, Lorri Branvold. Patrick Keegan, Tom Reynolds, Cara Becker, Megan Evans, John Thielens, Linda Pucket (treasurer), Mother Pat, Deacon Lesley-Ann

Members absent: Bob Stecher

  1. Opening Prayer/Devotion – Patrick Keegan
  1. Approval of January Minutes was unanimous
  1. Financial Reports – Linda Puckett
    1. Review of January financials for church and preschool
      1. There was a discussion of the need to investigate who still wants pledge envelopes.
    2. Approve minor changes t budget as recommended by finance committee
      1. There was a discussion of finance committee minutes, including minor changes to the budget. These are in the highlight notes in the dropbox.
      2. The finance committee motioned that the budget be approved. The motion was passed unanimously.
      3. Linda mentioned that she will notify the vestry each month of the number of new or increased pledges.
    3. Review of 2015 audit report and report on 2016 audit engagement
      1. We had a clean report (posted in the dropbox)
    4. Review of auditor’s suggestions in management letter for 2015 audit
      1. There were four suggestions the auditors made that were not noted in the audit:
        1. The need to have two people count the money for Sunday collections.
        2. The need to have tamper-proof bags to use for Sunday services. One altar guild member and one usher together will put the money in the bag, sign it, and seal it. VPOD will make sure that this gets done. The envelopes will be used for other money collected as well, such as bake sales, breakfast, etc.
        3. Disbursements of any checks over $5,000 will require two signatures.
        4. We need to have an accounting manual just for St. Aidan’s. Linda has begun to write this. One will be for policies and procedures and one for the bookkeeper.
      2. We will have the same audit team for 2016. They will charge $5,250 and hold this rate for three years.
    5. Establishment of EviteBrite and Square accounts for Mardi Gras event
      1. These accounts were established for Mardi Gras. WE will evaluate them after the event.
      2. There is going to be a licensed bartender and wrist bands (denoting drinking age) for Mardi Gras.
    6. Financial piece of parochial report
      1. Linda and the finance committee completed this report, and it was mailed out. The vestry unanimously accepted the report. Mother Pat will submit it to the diocese and national church.
  1. Vestry responsibility updates
    1. Further discussions on logo and website updates
      1. Cara is at a standstill on the logo. She has been working on the website. The copy is in good shape and she is looking for photos. She hopes to have the website up before Easter.
  1. Mother Pat
    1. Any further discussion for March 19th 12:30 lunch & 1-4 strategic plan discussion from vestry retreat. How do we take action?  Further work on spirituality type of congregation from annual meeting data & begin “Cracking Your Congregation’s Code”.
      1. She would like to have goals from ministry areas and staff.
    2. John Ray – postulancy update
      1. He is in the discernment process since late 2014 with the diocese and vestry. The Bishop put the process on hold for everyone and they have just re-started the process. Therefore, the vestry must endorse him for admission to postulancy. Mother Pat will write a letter in support of John, and he will meet with the Bishop in two weeks. He will also see a psychiatrist and physician. There is a minimum of two years of education, and in 18 months, the vestry will need to support him again for candidacy. About 18 months after that, the vestry will need to support him for ordination.
      2. Mother Pat then passed around a document for vestry members to sign if they chose. The signature indicated approval for John to move forward in the process. The document required at least 2/3 of the vestry members. This threshold was met.
    3. Parochial report and approval
      1. see above (3f.)
    4. Overview of Lenten series and suppers
      1. Soup suppers will be at 6:30 followed by a program at 7:00. The program will be a discussion of spirituality types.
      2. Mo. Pat discussed the results of the parish-wide spirituality survey.
        1. We received 97 responses
          1. Type 1: 40% (this is the typical Episcopalian, so it is unusual to have this number so low)
          2. Type 2: 28%
          3. Type 3: 29% (Mystics, this number is quite for high for an Episcopalian congregation)
          4. Type 4: 8%
        2. 80% of respondents said it was important to start and stop on time
          1. There was a discussion of shortening the early service to keep it under 60 minutes
          2. There was a discussion of music
          3. There was a discussion of the location of the baptismal font
          4. There were no decisions made on the above 3 discussion items.
    5. Other items of discussion:
      1. Mardi Gras tickets are available on line
      2. Ash Wednesday services will be at noon, 5:30 (children’s choir and family friendly service), and 7:00.
      3. The Great Litany will be said on Sunday March 5, the first Sunday of Lent.
      4. Holy Week plans are underway.
        1. There will be no Passion narrative on Palm Sunday (April 9th). That will occur on Good Friday
        2. April 23rd will have several baptisms.
      5. Building report
        1. Work needs to be done on the sprinkler system and strobes in the nave. This will cost about $5,000.
        2. The monthly phone and internet bill is over $700. Mother Pat is going to try to get this reduced.
        3. The vestry should identify a Parish Chancellor.
  1. Open Items
    1. Risk Management/ Inventory Update
      1. This should include a narration or video explaining what items are and when they were acquired.
    2. Scout Project(s)
      1. no updates
    3. Demographic analysis of area within 5 miles of St. Aidan’s, to determine what opportunities are there for targeted evangelism and outreach
      1. Melanie sent out information about this. The area is affluent, with families and children. There are also a number of active older adults.There is a desire to highlight our church diversity
    4. Campus signage
      1. there are no major changes. There was a discussion of temporary signs and their usage.
    5. Girl Scout recognition (Mar. 12, 2017)
      1. no updates or discussion
    6. Memorial Book
      1. We should do this in conjunction with the inventory.
  1. Dates to be remember

2/25 Planned giving event at St. Aidan’s, 2/28 Mardi Gras; 3/1 Ash Wed services noon, 5:30pm and 7pm; 3/4  Sandwich Saturday; 3/5 Blood donor day; 3/12 Girl Scout Sunday & Day Light savings; 3/17 Ultreya; 3/19 Vestry retreat Sun afternoon 12:30 to 4 pm lunch provided.

  • The Ultreya date is still up in the air because 3/17 is St. Patrick’s Day.
  1. Sr. Warden’s Report
    1. There was no report given
  1. Jr. Warden’s Report
    1. Two required trainings will be held on March 11.
      1. Safeguarding God’s Children from 9:00-12:00
      2. Safeguarding god’s People from 1:00-4:00
      3. Details are in the report in dropbox.
      4. There is no information yet for Dismantling Racism
    2. Susan R. will coordinate VPOD duties for Holy Week. Look for an email from her.
  1. For the Good of the Parish
    1. There was good feedback on the annual meeting and on St. Aidan’s Day.
  1. Dismiss
    1. The meeting was dismissed at 8:50 PM


Minutes submitted by Susan Kirkpatrick Smith, clerk of the vestry

St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church

Vestry Meeting, Monday, March 20th, 2017, 7:00pm

Members in attendance: Susan Reilly, Sarah Sambol, Megan Evans, Melanie Ellis, Lorri Branvold, Cara Becker, Bob Stecher, Beth Burns, Mother Pat, Deacon Lesley-Ann

Members absent: Tom Reynolds, John Thielens, Patrick Keegan

  1. Opening Prayer/Devotion – Melanie Ellis
  1. Approval of February Minutes (in the DropBox, for your review)
    1. minutes were approved unanimously
  1. Financial Reports – Bob Stecher
    1. Review of February financials for church and preschool
    2. Treasurer’s report is in the dropbox.  Linda was not present and Bob read the report. The February financials were also passed out.
    3. Discussion of over expenses in the youth budget. There is still some money coming in from the Disney trip. There was also a discussion of problems with lack of RSVPs for youth events.
  1. Outreach Updates – Lorri Branvold
    1. They met with Lesley Ann to discuss outreach ministry options.
    2. They will convene leadership for all of the outreach programs to discuss the budget and what the plans are for the year.
    3. The pill bottle ministry is going well.
    4. Hunger walk, 10 people participated $225 was raised for the team.
    5. 1500 sandwiches were made at the last Sandwich Saturday
    6. 13 donors for the last blood drive
    7. They are meeting with the Honduras team and should be able to meet the financial needs of the participants. $1320 will be paid for program fees and $1200 for support for one of the orphans at the Lamb Institute.
    8. Lorri is going to a training meeting for working in outreach
    9. Lorri is trying to get more involved in the outreach ministries and not just provide support with money.
    10. There is a discussion of how Lorri and Patrick (in charge of outreach) both have full time jobs. This is a change from Norm last year who was in charge of outreach and was retired.
      1. Vision is to serve, to share, and to support. As we move into a program-sized church we need to have more people involved in outreach, and not have it come down just to the vestry.
    11. Suggestion was made to indicate what outreach events are children/family friendly. This is good for young children or for middle or high school children who need to earn service hours for school.
  1. Marketing updates
    1. Huitt Rabel working on taking Megan’s design and converting to a logo this should be completed 3/25
      1. Megan is wanting the colors to be a bit softer than what has been provided so far. She is working with them to tone down the color a bit. Suggestion was that we have different colors for the different seasons.
      2. Mo. Pat was concerned that we not make the color change with the season. It might not provide the consistent message that we are looking for. The logo hits more than just the website.
    2. Website is still on track for 4/1 launch. Not all features (preschool video, audio sermons, etc.) will be available. They can be added later.
      1. The website will have a “give” button in a very obvious place. This could allow payment in the same way we have.
      2. There was also a request to make sure it is easy to sign up for the e-news letter.
      3. Susan (VPOD), Tom (lectors), Jenn Miranda (LEMs), Harmony (CoH) need to be consulted about entering scheduling information on the website.
    3. Gary Scott working on Easter roadside vinyl sign.
      1. this is just for Easter day. It will not have all of Holy Week.
      2. Mo. Pat asked to have a Holy Week banner as well.
  1. Mother Pat
    1. Baptisms in Eastertide
      1. We have about 1 per Sunday for most of Easter.
    2. Staff goals
      1. Transition for staff from Pastoral to Program size church includes looking at the Forward Together goals and see where they will focus their efforts.
        1. Music: high quality music; starting children’s choirs
        2. Youth: plan and grow youth formation events Sunday; plan quarterly projects/events; hopes to double their numbers from 36-75 (some teens are inviting friends, this is a good sign)
        3. Children: increased participation in Sunday School and chapel; coordinating with Children’s choirs; increase number of VBS children and adult volunteers
        4. They have specific strategies for meeting their goals. Mo. Pat meets with them quarterly to discuss.
    3. Forward together for 2017
      1. Discussion of broadening them somewhat, for example not specifically targeting just specific age groups.
    4. Organ upgrade report
      1. 11 checks were mailed in one day and none made it to their destinations.
      2. This slowed down the organ pieces being ordered.
      3. Gary Nix could not remember how the choir loft was built, and this will have an effect on installing the subwoofer below the choir loft. He and a subcontractor will come investigate it tomorrow (March 21).
      4. We expect it to be in but not permanently placed by Easter.
    5. Additional discussion pertaining to the congregation’s “Hospitality quotient”, based on yesterday’s vestry gathering.
      1. At the Sunday meeting vestry members discussed the Hospitality quotient (handed out by Mo. Pat)
      2. The score of “yes” was between 10-14, which is an unhealthy system or a system that needs strengthening.
      3. There was discussion of what needs to be done. There were concerns expressed about the lack of newcomer’s leadership and what we could do to reinforce this ministry.
      4. Discussion of signage, closet outside the men’s restroom, other things that are not welcoming.
      5. Mo. Pat asked that vestry look at the survey with their ministry team and talk about what can be done related to the Forward Together goals of each vestry member
      6. There was a discussion of how to work with the newcomers to track whether they return. This has never been done, even when there was a vestry member in charge of newcomers. Part of the problem now is that as the church gets larger the vestry and clergy do not know everyone. Suggestion – have a concierge desk, that can keep track of new people. Suggestion – have people assigned to 12 families to keep up with to keep people engaged once they have decided to come back.
      7. Question about what the shepherds did/do? This role is not currently going on.
      8. Suggestion about putting the nametags somewhere accessible, and putting sharpies and temporary nametags with them.
      9. Getting signage from the Episcopal Church with direction to the church. Perhaps we could put it in Alpharetta.
      10. Discussion/Question – how do we make it clear that we are doing something on Sunday mornings? This is a problem because we are so far away from the road. Could we have a bell tower?
      11. The strategic plan is not necessarily going to make the physical access any easier, once we have three buildings. (discussion of Long-range plan)
  1. Open Items
    1. Telephone/Internet cost and evaluation – John Theilens
      1. John emailed that he will keep working on this.
    2. Risk Management/ Inventory Update
    3. Campus signage
    4. Memorial Book
    5. No updates to the above
  1. Dates to be remember

4/9 Palm Sunday; 4/10-14 Holy Week worship each evening @ 6:30pm; 4/15 Easter Vigil @ 8pm and champagne reception; 4/16 Easter – egg hunt between services; 4/20 Preschool concert; 5/2 Worship Committee; 5/7 Acolyte recognition Sunday; 5/21 Sunday School teacher recognition; 6/4 Pentecost

  1. Sr. Warden’s Report
    1. Bob is getting lots of questions about the search process.
  1. Jr. Warden’s Report
    1. March 25, 9:00-12:00 Safeguarding God’s Children
    2. April 8, 9:00-12:00  Safeguarding God’s Children
    3. April 1, 9:00-12:00 Safeguarding God’s People
    4. No update yet for dismantling Racism
      1. When they offer the session, they will limit it to 7 people per congregation so that they can
    5. Upcoming VPOD duties are on the dropbox. Please let Susan know if you switch days.
    6. VPOD volunteers for Holy Week
      1. Susan – Monday
      2. Lorri- Tuesday
      3. we need someone for Wednesday, and Thursday
      4. Lorri – 12:00 Friday
      5. Friday evening needed
      6. Bob, easter vigil
      7. Beth – early service Easter
      8. Melanie – late service Easter
    7. VPOD person should check to make sure that the collection plate has been dealt with. If the plate is gone it will be considered done.
  1. For the Good of the Parish
    1. Discussion of Alter of Repose, which has been cancelled. There is no liturgical reason for doing this – holding over the Communion from Thursday is not appropriate. The first celebration of Easter is when the next Communion happens again after the Last Supper.
      1. The worship committee said that there was insufficient interest in having a prayer vigil all night Thursday through the first Good Friday service at noon.
      2. A prayer vigil can also be done from Good Friday through Saturday morning. That is more theologically appropriate.
      3. If we do this again, we should have the doors locked and have people use the doorbell at the front door.
      4. We can put a sign up list and see if people are interested in doing a prayer vigil.
    2. April 17 is Easter Monday and there is a vestry meeting planned. Discussion of whether it should be changed. No decision was made about the meeting.
    3. Easter Egg hunt will be sponsored by the parish this year. We will ask for donations for candy. It will be after breakfast, between the services. Megan and Melanie are working on a date for stuffing the eggs. The teens will help with hiding the eggs, and with helping to shepherd the kids. Make sure to include Lauren F. in the emails.
  1. Dismissal at 8:50 PM.

St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church

Vestry Meeting, Monday May 15 2017, 7:00 pm

Members in attendance: Tom Reynolds, Lori Bromvold, John Thielens, Bob Stecher, Susan Reilly, Cara Becker, Melanie Ellis, Sarah Sambol, Beth Burns, Megan Evans; Mother Pat, Deacon Lesley-Ann, Linda Puckett

Members absent: Patrick Keegan, Susan Smith

1. Opening prayer/devotion: Mother Pat

2. Approval of April minutes (in Dropbox for review)–approved unanimously

3. Financial reports—Linda Puckett

  • April contributions up due to Easter and quarterly statements
  • Contributions for YTD are 8K below projected
  • Expenses for office, building/grounds, computer support, and dumpster discussed
  • Music over budget but donation for subwoofer came in today
  • Overall financial picture good.  Finance committee recommends midyear review, which vestry will plan once new rector comp package is finalized.
  • Preschool financials OK overall; 9K surplus projected for end of school year in July.

4. Mother Pat

  • Nurturing quotient vestry survey—Mo. Pat will tally and give feedback
  • Preschool—Linda advises preschool voted to add week and institute 5% discount for paying for entire year. Tuition increases $10/month starting in fall
  • VBS starts Tuesday after Memorial Day and runs 4 days
  • EYC: Jr/Sr combined for summer, 6-8p, tacos and Bible study @Lauren’s parents’ pool
  • 10 graduating seniors to be recognized this Sunday; teacher recognition Sunday as well
  • Ascension service May 30; Pentecost June 4

5. Open items

  • Goal to cut $700/month phone/internet discussed
  • Nametags discussed, including mobile nametag boards and temporary sticker nametags for visitors
  • Memorial gift book—separate in memoriam and gifts of thanksgiving; start with binder to have record and create nicer customized book later
  • Mother Pat working on brass plaque for stations of cross gift in sanctuary

6. Senior warden’s report

7. Junior warden’s report

  • June 10 Safeguarding God’s Children @Holy Cross; Dismantling Racism June 17 @ St. David’s.
  • VPOD schedule through end of year in dropbox

8. For the good of the parish

  • Mother Pat—last Christian Formation May 21.  Class in Burtenshaw Hall will continue.
  • Deacon Lesley-Ann—Aug. 13 technology recycling drive
  • John Thielens— to support St. Aidan’s.  Will announce in service.

9. Meeting adjourned

St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church

Vestry Meeting, Monday, June 19, 2017, 7:00pm

Members Present: Susan Reilly, Sarah Sambol, Megan Evans, Melanie Ellis, Lorri Brandvold, Bob Stecher, Beth Burns, Tom Reynolds, John Thielens, and Patrick Keegan

Clergy Present: None

Others Present: Linda Puckett, Treasurer

Members Absent: Cara Becker and Susan Smith (clerk)

  1. Opening Prayer/Devotion
    1. Beth Burns opened the meeting with a devotion.
  1. Appointment of Acting Clerk for June Meeting
    1. Due to the absence of Susan Smith, Clerk of the Vestry, Linda Puckett was appointed Acting Clerk for this meeting.
  1. Approval of May Minutes
    1. Correction for May minutes: Lorri Brandvold’s name was misspelled. The minutes were approved as amended.
  1. Financial Reports – Linda Puckett
    1. Operating Fund: Linda reviewed the financial report for the period ending May 31, 2017. Pledges were $10,000 under budget to date. However, she noted that $2,545 in prior year pledges received in the current year were not budgeted and would help to absorb the shortfall, along with the plate and non-pledged payments. Linda reviewed the expenses and noted the over budget line items. The net total for the year-to-date for the Operating Fund was on target.
    2. Linda reported that a notice was placed in the bulletin and e-news to remind members to keep their pledge current during the summer, as well as, the availability of online giving.
    3. Linda reviewed the Summary of Restricted and Designated Accounts for the period ending May 31, 2017. Linda is working with the auditors to address how we handle carryover transactions from the prior year.
    4. Account Balances: Linda reported that the bank balance less the designated accounts had a net balance of $55,697.79 available for the Operating Fund.
    5. Preschool: Linda reported that the preschool enrollment is at 63% to date for the next school year. She also reviewed the financial report for the period ending May 31, 2017, which reflects a net total of $42,852 year-to-date.
    6. Preschool Budget: Linda reviewed the preschool’s proposed budget for the 2017-18 school year. The budget includes a three percent raise for all preschool staff and teachers. Following discussion, Beth Burns made a motion to approve the preschool’s budget as presented. Susan Reilly seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
    7. Preschool Projected Year End: Linda reviewed the preschool’s projected year-end income and expenses with an estimated net surplus of $23,373 as of July 31, 2017. Linda reported that the preschool is working with Jennifer Picquet and Richard Schmidt to obtain estimates to replace the carpet in the preschool building, Burtenshaw Hall stairs and hallway, and the narthex. In addition, playground repairs of approximately $1,000 will be needed this summer. If the 3 year-old classroom size is increased, additional funds will be used to purchase chairs and tables.
    8. Budget Review based on New Rector’s Compensation Package: Linda reviewed the new rector’s compensation package based on an August 1 start date. In addition, she reviewed the change in budget for Mother Pat’s compensation package to extend her employment to July 16, 2017. Linda reported the changes will be incorporated into this year’s budget and will not adversely impact the budget for 2017. However, there will be an increase of approximately $22,000 in the 2018 budget. Linda discussed the need to review the remaining budget was limited since additional income was not available. She reported the Finance Committee agreed that we should wait until a later meeting. The Vestry agreed to maintain the current budget with the rector’s compensation changes.
  1. Mother Pat:
    1. Mother Pat was unable to attend her last vestry meeting.
    2. Nurturing Quotient: Bob mentioned that Mother Pat said only one vestry member had completed the “Nurturing Quotient” form to help address how we integrate people into the parish. Linda Puckett will scan the form and place it in the Dropbox. Vestry members were asked to complete the form and return it to Carol Sweet by noon on Friday.
    3. Staff Evaluations: Bob reported that Mother Pat said staff evaluations had been completed and discussed with the staff. Tom Reynolds commented that the evaluations had not been discussed with the Personnel Committee.
    4. Mother Pat’s notes indicated that a calendar had been set up on Fr. Reggie’s computer.
    5. She also suggested that the vestry continue to focus on building maintenance issues and on a better system for welcoming newcomers and tracking newcomers through greeter’s log and temporary nametags.
  1. Open Items:
    1. Telephone/Internet Cost and Evaluation: John Theilens reported he has been working on this item and should have a proposal for the next meeting.
    2. Computer Server: John asked who maintains the server. Linda suggested he ask Carol Sweet for any additional information. John was ‘encouraged’ to look into the server when he finishes working on the telephone system.
    3. Risk Management/Inventory Update: Patrick Keegan reported that he has been working with Joanne Goione to identify the altar guild inventory. He stated that he needs to continue his work by contacting Jennifer Picquet, Richard Schmidt and Carol Sweet. He stated that he should have the inventory completed in two months.
    4. Nametag Holder Status: In the absence of Cara Becker, Susan Reilly reported that the nametag holder has been completed. Mike Becker will deliver it to the church. A location to store the holder, which is on rollers, needs to be determined.
    5. Any Other Items of Note from Vestry Members:
      1. TAGG: Beth Burns said the committee has been meeting and research shows that people need to have a sense of belonging to commit to parish giving. Beth reported that Cara had done a good job of dividing the parish membership into groups. Beth asked the vestry members present to brainstorm what they experienced that helped them to pledge. Discussion followed, including but not limited to:
        1. Focus on people who do not pledge or have not increased their pledge
        2. Be assertive and encourage everyone in pew to fill out a pledge card
        3. Plan for future generations
        4. An emotional speech can help, but some thought it didn’t work well for large groups
        5. On-going, year-round stewardship
        6. Educating and asking newcomers to pledge throughout year
        7. Improve the pledge card design instead of last year’s ministry form
        8. Need to build up to a scheduled Sunday deadline with pledges collected at worship service
        9. Need 100% participation
        10. Conduct an Every Member Canvas which includes home visits or phone calls for those not completing a pledge card
        11. Offer matching gifts
        12. Consider “First Fruits”
        13. Use resources available from the Episcopal Church Foundation, TENS, and other diocesan stewardship material
        14. Ask Fr. Reggie for suggestions
        15. Encourage online giving and pledging
        16. Encourage 1% increase each year
        17. Identify a “Giving” Day in which members can call in their pledge
        18. Have a running total; i.e. United Way thermometer
        19. Have a “Catch up on Your Pledge” Sunday
      2. Outreach Updates – Lorri Brandvold and Patrick Keegan: Lorri reported the Outreach Committee would like to plan a “Ministry Parade”. Beth Burns indicated the TAGG committee was planning something similar; therefore, the two committees will coordinate any activities. Lorri also reported that John Ray is no longer coordinating the Backpacks of Love program. Marty McPherson and Nancy Lesperance has assumed that responsibility. Linda asked if funds should continue to be directed to the North Georgia Foundation in Gainesville. Lorri will research this matter.
      3. Events and Fellowship:
        1. Fr. Reggie’s Welcome: Melanie Ellis asked if the Event Committee should plan anything for Fr. Reggie’s welcome. Bob stated that the Celebration of New Ministry would be scheduled at a later date with the Bishop’s office. A nice celebration event should be planned when that date is determined later this year. Following discussion, it was decided that Melanie will contact Mike Nolan to ask the Breakfast Team to plan a nice breakfast on Fr. Reggie’s first Sunday, August 6. Megan Evans and Melanie will provide simple decorations.
        2. Mother Pat’s Last Sunday: Following discussion, it was decided that Mother Pat would be honored at breakfast on her last Sunday, July 16. Megan and Melanie will provide flowers for the tables.
        3. Back to School Bingo: Date to be determined.
        4. Low Country Boil: Date to be determined in late September or early October.
        5. TAGG Stewardship Picnic: Date to be determined
        6. Parish Retreat at Mikell: Oct. 6 – 8
  2. Dates to Remember:
    1. 8/1 – Fr. Reggie’s begins his ministry at St. Aidan’s
    2. 8/6 – Fr. Reggie’s first Sunday
  3. Senior Warden’s Report
    1. Fr. Reggie’s Letter of Agreement: A copy of Fr. Reggie’s Letter of Agreement was circulated and reviewed by the members present. Following discussion, the Vestry voted to accept the agreement as presented.
    2. Fr. Reggie’s Moving Expenses: Bob proposed that any unused funds from the $20,000 designated for Fr. Reggie’s moving expenses be given to Fr. Reggie to assist in paying his closing costs. Melanie Ellis made a motion to accept this proposal. The motion was seconded by Lorri Brandvold and the motion passed unanimously. Linda will coordinate after the relocation expenses are determined.
    3. Mother Pat: Bob Stecher will send a letter to the parishioners asking if anyone wishes to contribute to a gift card for Mother Pat. Gifts of cash only will be accepted. Bob will purchase a gift card with the cash collected for Mother Pat to use to take her family to dinner.
  1. Junior Warden’s Report
    1. Susan Reilly reminded Vestry members to attend Safeguarding God’s Children and Safeguarding God’s People when the classes are offered. Patrick Keegan indicated he needs to attend both sessions.
    2. Dismantling Racism: Melanie Ellis, Tom Reynolds, Cara Becker and Mother Pat attended the workshop on June 17 at St. David’s. Other dates are printed in the Junior Warden’s report in Dropbox. Megan Evans, John Thielens and Patrick Keegan indicated that they need to attend this workshop.
    3. Upcoming VPOD Schedule:
      1. June 25: Beth/Susan
      2. July 9: Megan/Susan
      3. July 16: Patrick/Melanie
      4. Please let Susan know if you switch dates.
    4. St. Aidan’s Work Day is July 16 with lunch provided.
    5. Stock the Kitchen for Fr. Reggie and Family: Susan is coordinating the collection of pantry and kitchen items to stock Fr. Reggie’s kitchen before he moves in. Susan will contact Kim to determine what the children like to eat. Susan will post the list for anyone who wishes to contribute.


  1. For the Good of the Parish
    1. None

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Submitted by:

Linda Puckett, Acting Clerk for June Vestry Meeting

St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church

Vestry Meeting, Monday, July 17, 2017, 7:00pm

Members Present: Susan Reilly, Sarah Sambol, Megan Evans, Bob Stecher, Beth Burns, Tom Reynolds, John Thielens, Patrick Keegan, and Cara Becker (part time)

Clergy Present: None

Others Present: Linda Puckett, Treasurer

Members Absent: Melanie Ellis, Lorri Brandvold, and Susan Smith (clerk)

  1. Opening Prayer/Devotion
    1. Sarah Sambol opened the meeting with a devotion.
  1. Appointment of Acting Clerk for June Meeting
    1. Due to the absence of Susan Smith, Clerk of the Vestry, Linda Puckett was appointed Acting Clerk for this meeting.
  1. Approval of June Minutes
    1. The minutes were approved as posted in Dropbox.
  1. Financial Reports – Linda Puckett
    1. Operating Fund: Linda reviewed the financial report for the period ending June 30, 2017. Pledges were $12,792 under budget year-to-date. However, she noted on the first Sunday in July, the contributions were $10,000 more than a typical Sunday offering, following the e-news from Canon Bolton regarding pledge payments. Linda reported that the budget line items had been adjusted to reflect Fr. Reggie’s start date of August 1 and Mother Pat’s departure on July 16. Total expenses are in line with the budget; however, maintenance continues to be an area of concern.
    2. Linda reviewed the Summary of Restricted and Designated Accounts for the period ending June 30, 2017. Linda noted that the June report reflects the audit adjustment as of 12/31/16 for carryover accounts.
    3. Account Balances: Linda reported that the bank balance less the designated accounts had a net balance of $107,021.04 available for the Operating Fund.
    4. Preschool: Linda reviewed the financial report for the period ending June 30, 2017, which reflects a net total of $31,689.59 year-to-date. The preschool’s projected year-end net total is approximately $23,000.
    5. 2016 Audit Report: Linda reported a copy of the 2016 audit report was posted in Dropbox. For the second year, St. Aidan’s received a ‘clean’ opinion on the audit.
      1. Carryovers: The audit included an adjusting journal entry for 12/31/16 in which the vestry designated carryovers from 2016 to 2017 were reversed. Linda explained that carryover accounts cannot be used to accumulate budget ‘carryovers’ for use in future years by expensing the carryover amount through current year operating accounts. She explained that $12,426.23 was available from the R&D accounts (1-008000 and 1-008150) for the vestry designated carryover items in 2017. The remaining carryover items will be funded from Unrestricted Net Assets as “Vestry Designated Fund Balance”.
      2. Linda reported that depreciation expenses were approximately $102,000 in 2016 and were not a budgeted expense. Therefore, when posting depreciation expense in 2016, this created a negative fund balance. So if we continue to deduct funds for the Vestry Designated Fund Balance, we are actually reducing our Unrestricted Net Assets. At the end of the year, the principal mortgage payments of approximately $32,000 will be reversed from the P&L report. (Treasurer’s Note: Principal mortgage payments should only be posted to the Balance Sheet to reduce the Notes Payable. However, St. Aidan’s includes the principal mortgage on the P&L for budget purposes.) In addition to the $32,000, a positive ‘net total’ for the year could help to replenish the Unrestricted Net Assets. It is anticipated that most of the funds transferred from the Vestry Designated Fund Balance during 2017 could be transferred back to Unrestricted Net Assets at year-end.
      3. Linda stated that the Finance Committee will continue to discuss the pros and cons of including depreciation on the Balance Sheet. However, they thought it was important to have a clean opinion on the 2016 audit as the refinancing of the mortgage is scheduled within the next year.
    6. 2018 Diocesan Pledge: Linda presented the request from the Diocese of Atlanta for the 2018 parish contribution. Diocesan Canon 20 provides the framework for how parishes fund the annual budget of the diocese. Parishes are asked to consider ten percent of the average of the past three year’s Total Operating Revenue (as reported on the Annual Parochial Report) as the minimum amount to give in support of the diocesan budget. Following discussion, Sarah Sambol made a motion to approve the 2018 diocesan asking of $53,266. The motion was seconded by John Thielens and passed unanimously.
    7. Approval of Fr. Reggie’s Housing Allowance: Linda presented the following housing allowance resolution for consideration by the Vestry:

Whereas, the Rev. Warren Reginald Simmons is compensated by St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church exclusively for the services as a minister of the gospel; and

Whereas, St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church does not provide the Rev. Simmons with a rectory, therefore, it is hereby

Resolved, that the total compensation paid to the Rev. Simmons for August 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017, shall be $52,370.34 of which $16,400 is hereby designated to be a housing allowance pursuant to Section 107 of the Internal Revenue Code.

A motion was made by Susan Reilly to approve the housing allowance resolution as presented. Tom seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

    1. Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual: Linda reported that a section on Clergy Discretionary Funds was added to the manual. Version 3, dated July 2017, was posted in Dropbox.
  1. Staff Changes:
    1. Bob Stecher reported that Jennifer Picquet has resigned to accept a full time position as Director of Northbrook Preschool. Jennifer’s last Sunday is August 6.
    2. Bob also reported that Lauren FitzHugh has mentioned that she will be leaving her position at some point to move to San Francisco.
    3. Bob stated that Fr. Reggie is aware of the staff changes.
  1. Open Items:
    1. Telephone/Internet Cost and Evaluation: John Theilens reported he is continuing to work on this item. A technical person on staff needs to be designated. John will discuss the possibilities with Fr. Reggie in August.
    2. Risk Management/Inventory Update: Patrick Keegan reported that he has been working with the Altar Guild. He stated that he needs to continue his work with others.
    3. Nametag Holder Status: Cara Becker reported the new name tag holders on rollers are working well on Sundays. Linda reported that Carol Sweet asked that the VPOD or ushers return the name tag holders to the designated area away from the entrance as the preschool uses the narthex on Monday mornings.
    4. Any Other Items of Note from Vestry Members:
      1. Cara reported that she has ordered a banner to welcome Fr. Reggie to St. Aidan’s.
  1. Dates to Remember:
    1. 8/1 – Fr. Reggie’s begins his ministry at St. Aidan’s
    2. 8/6 – Fr. Reggie’s first Sunday. A special breakfast will be provided.
    3. 8/12 – Electronic recycling at St. Aidan’s
    4. 8/20 or 8/27 – Back to School Bingo. Megan to confirm date.
    5. 9/30 – Music Expo at St. Aidan’s, 6 – 9 pm
    6. 10/6-8 – Parish Retreat at Camp Mikell.
    7. 10/21 – Mikell Pig Roast at St. Aidan’s
    8. 10/29 – Trunk or Treat at St. Aidan’s
    9. 11/4 – Low Country Boil
  2. Senior Warden’s Report
    1. Lay Delegates to Annual Diocesan Council: Following discussion, the following lay delegates were elected to attend the 2017 diocesan council in Gainesville on November 10-11: Cathy Biondi, Les Cullen, Megan Evans and Bob Stecher. Alternates are: Corrine Hoffstetter and Norm and Sally Dodds. Linda will take care of the online registration and payment for clergy and lay delegates.
    2. Fr. Reggie is scheduled to close and move into his house on Thursday, July 20.
    3. Mother Pat’s last day was July 16. All keys were left in the rector’s office, along with many folders of information for Fr. Reggie.
    4. Flooring is being replaced in the preschool rooms, Burtenshaw Hall stairs and hallway, and the narthex. The funds will be provided by the preschool.
  1. Junior Warden’s Report
    1. Susan Reilly reminded vestry members to attend Safeguarding God’s Children and Safeguarding God’s People. Patrick Keegan and John Thielens need both sessions. Megan Evans needs to attend Safeguarding God’s People.
    2. Dismantling Racism: John Thielens and Patrick Keegan need to attend this workshop.
    3. Upcoming VPOD Schedule:
      1. Sarah Sambol and Bob Stecher need someone to switch dates with them on 7/23 and 7/30. Vestry members were asked to contact them if available to do so.
    4. Stock the Kitchen for Fr. Reggie and Family: Susan is coordinating the collection of pantry and kitchen items to stock Fr. Reggie’s kitchen before he moves in. Vestry members were asked to contribute items or cash.
  1. For the Good of the Parish
    1. Bob asked vestry members to begin thinking about potential candidates for next year’s vestry, as well as, new wardens.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Submitted by:

Linda Puckett, Acting Clerk for July Vestry Meeting