Vestry Minutes

St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church

Vestry Meeting, Monday, February 20th, 2017, 7:00pm

Members in attendance: Susan Reilly, Sarah Sambol, Beth Burns, Melanie Ellis, Lorri Branvold. Patrick Keegan, Tom Reynolds, Cara Becker, Megan Evans, John Thielens, Linda Pucket (treasurer), Mother Pat, Deacon Lesley-Ann

Members absent: Bob Stecher

  1. Opening Prayer/Devotion – Patrick Keegan
  1. Approval of January Minutes was unanimous
  1. Financial Reports – Linda Puckett
    1. Review of January financials for church and preschool
      1. There was a discussion of the need to investigate who still wants pledge envelopes.
    2. Approve minor changes t budget as recommended by finance committee
      1. There was a discussion of finance committee minutes, including minor changes to the budget. These are in the highlight notes in the dropbox.
      2. The finance committee motioned that the budget be approved. The motion was passed unanimously.
      3. Linda mentioned that she will notify the vestry each month of the number of new or increased pledges.
    3. Review of 2015 audit report and report on 2016 audit engagement
      1. We had a clean report (posted in the dropbox)
    4. Review of auditor’s suggestions in management letter for 2015 audit
      1. There were four suggestions the auditors made that were not noted in the audit:
        1. The need to have two people count the money for Sunday collections.
        2. The need to have tamper-proof bags to use for Sunday services. One altar guild member and one usher together will put the money in the bag, sign it, and seal it. VPOD will make sure that this gets done. The envelopes will be used for other money collected as well, such as bake sales, breakfast, etc.
        3. Disbursements of any checks over $5,000 will require two signatures.
        4. We need to have an accounting manual just for St. Aidan’s. Linda has begun to write this. One will be for policies and procedures and one for the bookkeeper.
      2. We will have the same audit team for 2016. They will charge $5,250 and hold this rate for three years.
    5. Establishment of EviteBrite and Square accounts for Mardi Gras event
      1. These accounts were established for Mardi Gras. WE will evaluate them after the event.
      2. There is going to be a licensed bartender and wrist bands (denoting drinking age) for Mardi Gras.
    6. Financial piece of parochial report
      1. Linda and the finance committee completed this report, and it was mailed out. The vestry unanimously accepted the report. Mother Pat will submit it to the diocese and national church.
  1. Vestry responsibility updates
    1. Further discussions on logo and website updates
      1. Cara is at a standstill on the logo. She has been working on the website. The copy is in good shape and she is looking for photos. She hopes to have the website up before Easter.
  1. Mother Pat
    1. Any further discussion for March 19th 12:30 lunch & 1-4 strategic plan discussion from vestry retreat. How do we take action?  Further work on spirituality type of congregation from annual meeting data & begin “Cracking Your Congregation’s Code”.
      1. She would like to have goals from ministry areas and staff.
    2. John Ray – postulancy update
      1. He is in the discernment process since late 2014 with the diocese and vestry. The Bishop put the process on hold for everyone and they have just re-started the process. Therefore, the vestry must endorse him for admission to postulancy. Mother Pat will write a letter in support of John, and he will meet with the Bishop in two weeks. He will also see a psychiatrist and physician. There is a minimum of two years of education, and in 18 months, the vestry will need to support him again for candidacy. About 18 months after that, the vestry will need to support him for ordination.
      2. Mother Pat then passed around a document for vestry members to sign if they chose. The signature indicated approval for John to move forward in the process. The document required at least 2/3 of the vestry members. This threshold was met.
    3. Parochial report and approval
      1. see above (3f.)
    4. Overview of Lenten series and suppers
      1. Soup suppers will be at 6:30 followed by a program at 7:00. The program will be a discussion of spirituality types.
      2. Mo. Pat discussed the results of the parish-wide spirituality survey.
        1. We received 97 responses
          1. Type 1: 40% (this is the typical Episcopalian, so it is unusual to have this number so low)
          2. Type 2: 28%
          3. Type 3: 29% (Mystics, this number is quite for high for an Episcopalian congregation)
          4. Type 4: 8%
        2. 80% of respondents said it was important to start and stop on time
          1. There was a discussion of shortening the early service to keep it under 60 minutes
          2. There was a discussion of music
          3. There was a discussion of the location of the baptismal font
          4. There were no decisions made on the above 3 discussion items.
    5. Other items of discussion:
      1. Mardi Gras tickets are available on line
      2. Ash Wednesday services will be at noon, 5:30 (children’s choir and family friendly service), and 7:00.
      3. The Great Litany will be said on Sunday March 5, the first Sunday of Lent.
      4. Holy Week plans are underway.
        1. There will be no Passion narrative on Palm Sunday (April 9th). That will occur on Good Friday
        2. April 23rd will have several baptisms.
      5. Building report
        1. Work needs to be done on the sprinkler system and strobes in the nave. This will cost about $5,000.
        2. The monthly phone and internet bill is over $700. Mother Pat is going to try to get this reduced.
        3. The vestry should identify a Parish Chancellor.
  1. Open Items
    1. Risk Management/ Inventory Update
      1. This should include a narration or video explaining what items are and when they were acquired.
    2. Scout Project(s)
      1. no updates
    3. Demographic analysis of area within 5 miles of St. Aidan’s, to determine what opportunities are there for targeted evangelism and outreach
      1. Melanie sent out information about this. The area is affluent, with families and children. There are also a number of active older adults.There is a desire to highlight our church diversity
    4. Campus signage
      1. there are no major changes. There was a discussion of temporary signs and their usage.
    5. Girl Scout recognition (Mar. 12, 2017)
      1. no updates or discussion
    6. Memorial Book
      1. We should do this in conjunction with the inventory.
  1. Dates to be remember

2/25 Planned giving event at St. Aidan’s, 2/28 Mardi Gras; 3/1 Ash Wed services noon, 5:30pm and 7pm; 3/4  Sandwich Saturday; 3/5 Blood donor day; 3/12 Girl Scout Sunday & Day Light savings; 3/17 Ultreya; 3/19 Vestry retreat Sun afternoon 12:30 to 4 pm lunch provided.

  • The Ultreya date is still up in the air because 3/17 is St. Patrick’s Day.
  1. Sr. Warden’s Report
    1. There was no report given
  1. Jr. Warden’s Report
    1. Two required trainings will be held on March 11.
      1. Safeguarding God’s Children from 9:00-12:00
      2. Safeguarding god’s People from 1:00-4:00
      3. Details are in the report in dropbox.
      4. There is no information yet for Dismantling Racism
    2. Susan R. will coordinate VPOD duties for Holy Week. Look for an email from her.
  1. For the Good of the Parish
    1. There was good feedback on the annual meeting and on St. Aidan’s Day.
  1. Dismiss
    1. The meeting was dismissed at 8:50 PM


Minutes submitted by Susan Kirkpatrick Smith, clerk of the vestry