Sunday Server Schedules

Sunday Server Schedules

Please call (770-521-0207) or email ( for information about service opportunities.

Breakfast Teams (Don McPherson & Mike Nolan)

New members are always welcome and needed.

Team Captains
Team 1 – Manny Rodriguez
Team 2 – Jim Frederickson 
Team 3 – Bob French 
Team 4 – Don McPherson 
Team 5 – Theo Manos

Prayer Station

Eucharistic Ministers / Vergers




Vestry Person of the Day (VPOD)

Altar Guild (JoAnne Goione)

If you would like to serve St. Aidan’s by joining the Altar Guild we would welcome you. You could serve on any team one Sunday a month, for set up or clean up.

Team 1 – First Sunday of the Month

Set Up –     Camille Johnson, Linda Weeks, Andrea Manos

Clean Up – Eva Sansom, Diane Rogers

Team 2 Second Sunday of the Month

Set Up – Becky Fricton, Timm Miller, Kristin Eastabrooks, Wizzdom Dokubo

Clean Up –  Abi Omotoso, JoAnne Goione, Sharon Johnson

Team 3 Third Sunday of the Month

Set Up –  Becky Sullivan, Joann Vislocky

Clean Up –  Corrine Hofstetter, Harmony Kiser

Team 4 Fourth Sunday of the Month

Set Up –      Dorothy Uidel, JoAnne Goione, Kimberly McKenzie

Clean Up – Poly Linthicum, Debbie Tomlin

5th Sunday – Rotate teams by number.